7.5KW AC Spindle Servo Motor
Item NO: SZGH10-3-48-7.5/11-4-1500
Minimum Order: 1 Set
Package: wooden box
Place Of Origin: Shenzhen,China

 SZGH10-3-48-7.5/11-4-1500:AC Servo Spindle Motor,rated torque is 48Nm,rated power is 7.5kW,matched driver is SZGH-S4T7P5.
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CW&CCW: Speed Error +/- 1RPM , Acceleration/Deceleration time of 3000RPM : 1second ;

Independent Quasi Stop: Positioning with High Precision(0.03);

Rigid Tapping: Max speed of tapping is 3000RPM ,Min of dental work is M3 ;

Function of C-Axis: Indexing Accuracy: +/-1 Pulse ; Turning/Milling: 0.01rpm ;

Cutting in Low Speed: Overload(3 times holding torque),ensure stablity of cutting,applied in casting process;

High-Speed Precision Machining: Constant power output over 4000RPM,stable ratoting speed,ensure finish;

Strong Applicability: Match for CNC System , PLC etc.

Powerful Development : Custome Manufacturing .

Application: CNC Lathe Machine,CNC Milling Machine,CNC Machine Center,CNC Grinding Machine & Other Speical Machine.

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