SZGH-301H Modubus Absolute Type AC Servo Driver
Item NO: SZGH-301H
Minimum Order: 1 Set
Package: canton
Place Of Origin: Shenzhen,China


SZGH-301H AC servo driver with closed loop can match with servo motor with closed loop feedback, to promote the precision and more stable work.

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Mode of control:position,velocity and JOG control
Mode of input:pulse signal or analog voltage(0~±10V)
Frequency of pulse:<500KHz
Electronic gear:1/30000
Precision of control:±0.01%
work Conditions  
Input Power:single-phase or three-phase:AC220V (+10%,-15%)
Runing Temperature:0~55°C,relative humidity: 40-80%
Storing or Transporting Temperature:-10/70°C
relative humidity:<=90%
Atmosphere pressure:86-106kpa
No excessive flour dust,acid,alkali caustic gas and explosive gas,no strong electromagnetic interference
Direction of installation:servo drive’s installation direction must be upright
The ambient should be well ventilated

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