GH1000TC 2-5axis cnc lathe controller
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GH1000TC is 2-5 Axis economic type Lathe CNC Controller ,with 8.4 inches display(800x600) ,2 analog spindle ,2ms interpolation in high speed, support ATC , PLC and macro function. which obviously improve the efficiency,precision and surface quality of parts processing. New USB interface,it shupports the file operation and program running in flash disk.

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1)2-5 Axis Fully English Type CNC lathe controller
2) 800x600 8.4 inch real color LCD displayer
3) Electric Turret & Binary code turret,Max: 99 pcs tools
4) Support ATC , Macro function and PLC function
5) Max speed is 60m/min, feeding speed is 24m/min    
6) Adapted servo spindle can realize spindle continous position,rigid tapping,rigid screw processing  
7) High anti-jamming switch power(100V-240VAC 50Hz/60Hz -> 24VDC)
8) 64MB Memory , 56Mb user store room
9) With USB interface,it supports file operation in flash disk,system configuration and software upgrade  
10) Position Control Mode:Pulse+Direction/AB Phase,Dual Analog voltage output of 0~10V  
11) 32 bits ARM microprocessor+FPGA Technology.  
12) Basic I/O: 36X36  , can be edited freely  
13) cutter offset : C  
"14)  Installing dimension, electric interfaces, instruction system and operating windows being 
compatible with those of GSK980TDb Turning CNC System "

Application : CNC Lathe & Turning Machinery and specially automatic equipment

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