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One, the foreign trade assistant (several)

Job responsibilities:

1, the management of alibaba, the background, including release product information, reply to enquiries, etc.;

2, the management of the company's web site and improve;

3, delivery preparation and follow up;

4, responsible for the preparations for the exhibition at home and abroad;

5, accomplish temporary other tasks assigned by the manager


1, junior college or above degree, major in international trade, business English or related major;

2, 1 years working experience in related fields of foreign trade, welcome excellent graduates to join;

3, understand the process of import and export business, familiar with foreign trade import and export business;

4, good English listening, speaking, reading and writing, skillfully use all kinds of office software;

5, have an independent operation of ALIBABA, B2B platform, such as experience is a plus;

6, good communication, coordination and execution ability, work prudence seriously, quick response to the sharp, strong sense of responsibility.


Second, the technical personnel

Job description:

1, prepare the five coordinate nc milling machine, cutting machine, laser projection equipment such as CNC program.

2, equipment common failure analysis, and maintenance instructions.

3, involved in receiving, translating, editing, audit project, product technical documents, coordinate work with foreign

clients, partners technical staff;

4, responsible for production site technical guidance and problem solving process maintenance, technology, improve product quality.

5, responsible for the timely processing of general technical problems, and write the analysis report, the major technical problems should be timely report to supervisor, and to assist processing.

6, complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.

Job requirements:

1, college degree or above, mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation major, welcome excellent

graduates to join;

2, familiar with MS Office software (Word, Excel, Project, PowerPoint, etc.); Familiar with AutoCAD class engineering CAD software, can read and edit edit relevant drawings;

3, processing according to the drawing requirements set reasonable parts of nc machining process and tooling;

4, able to skillfully use CATIA to build mathematical model and edit the entity model.

5, able to skillfully use CATIA, UG (preferred) nc machining module, to five coordinate programming, has the numerical control processing experience.

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