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Why Choose Us, SZGH?

Compared with other brand CNC controller, it appears to be similar, actually, SZGH products have big difference with theirs, Pls check that as following:

1) Different product interface, maybe the front view looks same, but the rear view is different;

SZGH brand with Fully English Display

Other brand with fully Chinese Display



As we known,cnc controllers are technological products, so professional user manuals & technology supports is very important for user.

2) Different application user manual.

Other suppliers only has very simple user manual with less  instruction, users will not know how to use CNC controller step by step. But SZGH provide detailed user manual with “book 1, PROGRAMMING” and “book 2, OPERATION”

Here is the user manual that other suppliers can provide,

SZGH Brand User Manual

Other brand user manual

3) the important difference is the after sale service and product quality, some clients bought from other supplier, but ask our service  


This is clients bought from us directly, they satisfy our product service and quality

Real appraisal from our buyers in our AliExpress store


Youtube link about our products from our client  D***s K.(Russia):



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